Resource Room

It's Sunday morning. Bible class starts at 9:30. At 9, the resource room is unlocked. As teachers arrive, they go to the resource room and pick up the materials they reserved earlier in the quarter. By 9:15, teachers are in their rooms, materials ready, and are waiting for their students.

A dream you say? Pure fantasy? Not at all. Such can be the result of having faithful members who are trained in teaching and properly supported by a congregational resource room. is all about training teachers. The other sections of this website provide information about the workshop as well as offer help to the teachers. But what about a resource room? How do you know what to do with that?

This section of our website is designed to answer that question. The articles here discuss various aspects of resource room development, management, and maintenance. You'll find information for elders, resource room staff, and teachers. You'll discover lists of recommended supplies and equipment as well as pattern books you'll find helpful. A well organized, properly stocked, and continuously maintained resource room can be a tremendous asset to a congregational educational program. Are you ready to work on yours? Then follow the links to get started!

Elder to Elder

Design a Resource Room

To Lock or Not to Lock

The Best Equipment for the Job

The Resource Room Lady

The First Five Things to Do

I Can't Do It All Myself - Managing the Room

I Can't Do It All Myself - Creating Visuals

How Do We Start?

General Supplies

Supplies for Making High-Quality Visuals

Where Do We Go from Here?