Who Needs a Workshop

Have you ever wondered what kind of people attend a Bible class teacher's workshop? Who really needs a workshop anyway?


YOU do if:

> you don't think you can teach...but you are willing to see what teaching is about.
> you are a first-time teacher trying to develop your skills.
> you have been teaching a short time and need new ideas.
> you have been teaching a long time and need new ideas.
> you need the challenge to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a teacher!
> you are an excited, passionate teacher and you want to share it!
> you are "burned out" or discouraged and need a new spark for teaching.
> you manage a resource room or supply room for your congregation.
> you want or need the fellowship and encouragement of other teachers.
> you are a "helping hand" - an out-of-the-classroom teacher's helper.
> you have any influence of any kind in making your congregation's educational program a success!


In other words, who can't benefit from a workshop where the Old Paths are taught in a variety of effective and passionate ways? Why not schedule yours today!