How to Become a Host

As you pursue the opportunity to host a workshop, consider the following:

Congregations often host a workshop for their own teachers - and invite other congregations to attend as well. This facilitates fellowship and allows teachers to share their best teaching ideas with other interested ladies.

Small congregations in an area can work together. Sharing the expense and the work often allows congregations with limited resources to be able to host a workshop.

Congregations may host a workshop in lieu of or even as a ladies' day program. Sometimes the men handle lunch so the ladies don't have to divide their attention between the spiritual and the physical.

Once you have scheduled a date, we provide you a planning sheet to help you prepare to host.

Check out every page on this site - and pay special attention to the FAQ page. If you have more questions or when you are ready to set a date for your workshop, email us or find workshopladies on Facebook!