How much does the workshop cost?

The Workshop Ladies do NOT have a set fee. We ask the host congregation to cover expenses, including meals, mileage, and motel for each night away from home. In addition, congregations typically pay something for the time and work. That amount is completely up to the congregation. Time worked averages 9 hours on Friday (setting up) and 8 on Saturday (teaching and packing).

There is no charge to attend the workshop.

What curriculum do you support?

The bibleclassworkshop does not support any one curriculum. The workshop is designed to teach teachers how to teach the Bible! However, The Workshop Ladies have experience with material from many publishers and they are ready to answer questions your teachers may have.

What ages does your workshop cover?

Every age! Sometimes the comment is made that it looks like the workshop is just for teachers of elementary classes. However, during the workshop teaching a cradle roll class is demonstrated, followed by a short discussion of the how and why of teaching that age. The packet includes tips for teaching every age from 2 years-6th grade. And during the "Teach through the Bible" sessions, various visuals and approaches that are appropriate for all ages including teens and adults are demonstrated.

What does a host congregation need to do?

Encourage all your teachers, would-be teachers, and other ladies to attend. Print flyers. Invite area congregations. Provide lunch.


Flyers?! What flyers?

We can provide the host congregation with a customized flyer to can print or copy to advertise the workshop.

I plan to attend a workshop. What do I do to get ready?

Be in touch with the host congregation so they know how many to expect. Check the What to Expect page to know what will happen during the day. Visit the store to see many of the visuals that will be demonstrated. Read Joshua 4:1-7. Bring your Bible and a pen for making notes in the packet. Feel free to bring a digital camera, if you like!

Where can I purchase the recommended resources?

With your elders' approval, The Workshop Ladies will bring a selection of materials for purchase. We do not "push" those materials. However, people often want to purchase what they have seen in the workshop. By having the materials on hand, people can see what is available and save on shipping as well.

Where do I get patterns for the visuals you use?

Many of the visuals we use during the workshop are ready-made and available for purchase here. Additionally, we are happy to share with workshop attendees some patterns gathered through years of teaching. A CD of other assorted patterns is available as well. During the workshop, we note where some patterns can be found in various books that can be purchased.

Do we need any kind of special facility to host a workshop?

No! Although a fellowship hall with tables for attendees and plenty of wall space is ideal, we have conducted workshops in auditoriums, large classrooms, and a lobby, too! We will work with whatever space you have.

May we videotape your workshop for our teachers who couldn't attend?

Certainly! However, The Workshop Ladies will move around a great deal throughout the day. Getting a decent recording requires an operator for the video camera. The video camera needs a good microphone or should be able to take the audio feed from the sound system. Please do limit the video to members of your own congregation and do not offer copies for sale.
But we have an easier option for you! The workshop has now been professionally taped (Thank you, WVBS!) You can find it on the front page of the store site. 

Sound system? What sound system?

The Workshop Ladies will bring and set-up a portable wireless sound system.