Design a Resource Room

Available space in church buildings ranges from non-existent to "take your pick.” We have no way to recommend a space design that will suit everyone. So we will describe what we consider an "ideal” space. Your elders can then decide what the congregation can start with and what will have to be added along.

The longest wall of the room should be used for shelving the largest visuals. We suggest the "cut to your length” wire shelving from the home improvement store. The shelving should be attached to the wall at each end and supported with one or more braces in between, depending on the length of the shelves.



Turn the shelf upside down so that the bar you would normally put hangers on becomes the lip of the shelf.


The next longest wall will be for hanging visuals.

Hang a rod the length of the wall approx. 18” from the floor and 8” from back wall. Hang 3 other rods approx. 18” apart vertically. Brace as needed down the length of the rods. (A shelf could be hung over the top rod, allowing sufficient clearance to remove hangers.)--OR--

Hang a rod and then put the wire shelving like you used on the other wall above it, but turn it with the lip facing down. Just be sure to leave room to move hangers on and off the rod. This provides both a place to hang visuals AND some shelving. You get less hanging space in the same vertical space this way, but you add some shelf space. Just be sure to leave approx. 18” clearance for bags to hang above items on shelves. It would look something like this.



As you design your space, consider these needs:

  • a worktable
  • a bookshelf
  • a filing cabinet
  • a place for a copier
  • a place to store posterboard and paper of various sizes
  • storage for large/bulky items

Remember that a resource room can grow as need indicates. It is not necessary to include every possible storage option to get started. Prayerfully and thoughtfully consider the local congregational needs and budget, ask around to see if you can visit other resource rooms in your area, and then design with whatever space is available. And if you need to talk to us, we’re only an email away.