Where Do We Go from Here?

You have built the resource room and have a great start on your visual aid collection. What now? The list below provides some suggestions for useful items that will grow the room into an incredible resource center.

Maps:B & H Bible Study Maps packet, Children’s Bible maps, & single large maps

Reproducible Maps, Charts, Timelines & Illustrations (Regal Publishing)

Kregel Pictorial Guide series - beautiful pictures; great history resource

Hidden in My Heart - Bible verses set to melody by Jeff Miller 

Lora Laycook’s Treasure Chest for Bible Teachers

Bulletin board idea books

Rose Book of Bible Charts (Reproducible; great value! Great art but beware of denominational doctrine)

Miscellaneous Bible story books for pictures only (Maxwell's The Bible Story series, Egermeier’s, Van Ness’ The Bible Story Book, even denominational Bible story books--do NOT buy these new; look for them at garage sales, library book sales, thrift stores, etc.)

Coloring books - we don’t recommend coloring during Bible class but sometimes these will have just the right picture to use in making your visuals

A Note about shopping awareness:

As you go about your day to day business, pay attention to things that may have use in your Bible classes. If you find a box of plastic flies at the dollar store, think ten plagues and purchase when you see them. If the Halloween clearance section has a withered hand, think miracles and so on…The right items may not be there when you are actually teaching a specific lesson, so stay on the lookout for anything that will help you make any lesson "realer" to your students!