General Supplies

A good resource room will be a one-stop solution for the supplies a Bible class teacher needs. Below are our suggestions.

  • staples and staple removers
  • brads
  • vis a vis markers (wet erase)
  • dry erase markers
  • metal book rings
  • glue sticks
  • fishing line
  • variety of bulletin board background paper, borders, and punch out letters
  • one- and three-hole punches
  • file folders
  • clothespins
  • small amount of construction paper
  • kids’ scissors
  • paper reinforcements
  • paper clips
  • rubber bands
  • appropriate and Bible-related stickers for attendance, motivation, etc.
  • sticker paper for printing your own stickers
  • pipe cleaners for making people for the sand box
  • felt sheets for dressing the sand box people
  • rolls of wide ribbon to make memory ribbons
  • hooks that fit on the tracks in a grid ceiling
  • Velcro dots
  • Bible story books from thrift stores (for pictures to put on visuals)

Some may note that craft supplies such as cotton balls, popsicle sticks, crayons, yarn, baby food jars, etc. are not included. Our experience has shown that a Bible class full of learning rarely needs these items. If a special project arises, such items can easily be obtained.