Elder to Elder

by Joe Christopher, former educational director and current elder

East Hill Church of Christ, Pulaski, TN

One of the three purposes of the church of Christ is evangelism. An important part of our congregation is our Bible classes and the opportunity we have to teach our children. We all realize that they are the future of the church and the awesome responsibility our teachers have in teaching them. Bible teachers want their classes to be positive experiences, teaching and sharing Christ and His Word. An efficient resource room is needed to accomplish this goal.

The world of our children today is maximum color and high activity. God’s Word has not changed but the way it is to be shared has gone twenty-first century. We try to assist our teachers as they teach God’s Word. The materials in our resource room use vibrant colors, teaching exercises for challenging young mind, and activities to make learning enjoyable and exciting.

Those that teach need resources to be available at all times and the space to utilize them. We owe our Bible class teachers all the help that we can give them as they care for our children’s souls. We want our children to feel the verse Psalm 119:16 "I will delight myself in thy statues: I will not forget thy word.” Handy tools used correctly are vital for a well-rounded range of knowledge. In any source of teaching, knowledge is found from more than one source and the resource room is the teacher’s second tool with the Bible being first. We are developing the great teacher that inspires great students that can make the Lord’s church even stronger.

Elders, teachers help strengthen the Church. Teaching one about Christ will make the greatest difference (from lost in sin to saved in Christ) for the greatest time (eternity). We need to help them with the necessary supplies and teaching aids in order for them to do their best.

The ABC’s of a Resource Room:

Awesome tools for Bible Teachers

Building blocks used for teaching

Children taught God’s Word