How Do We Start?

As a new resource room is built, the staff has to decide what to buy or make first. We have found that this path benefits the greatest number of teachers in the least amount of time:

First, purchase the Betty Lukens felts with at least the sky and sea and indoor backgrounds.

The smaller set (6” figures) is usually sufficient for classroom use, but some prefer the larger set. Preparing this set for use requires careful cutting of more than 600 pieces. Do not buy the storage boxes; poly bags make a better storage system. Copy the book that comes with the set. That will allow you to keep the book in the room while still sending the layout pictures with the pieces so teachers know how to set up the stories.

Second, determine what Bible lessons will be taught in the upcoming quarter. Purchase the ABeka visual cards sets that match those lessons first and then add sets every quarter. When you get the cards, use the book to write the caption on the back of each picture; then put the books well out of sight. All of these books contain denominational doctrine.

The next step we recommend is to develop/purchase visuals to teach the books of the Bible and other Bible facts. Patterns are available on the Pattern CD by and in the Creative Bible Teaching series by Sarah Richey. After you make the "facts” visuals, you can use the CD and books to make a number of other visuals quickly and easily.

To round out the initial recommendations here are three sources for Bible class songs:

To Know God in Song songbook and CD

Each Little Dewdrop songbook and CD

Sing-a-Story songbook series (no audio)

Additional buy-as-soon-as-you-can resources:

The Illustrated Bible Timeline by CLH

Burning Torch

Cordless blacklight (Amazon is your best bet for this)

And one more to-make item:

Portable sandbox

This is a big list. Just take it one step at a time and work as your budget and energy allow. Know that these materials will provide a fantastic foundation for your growing visual aid collection.