I Can't Do All This Myself - Managing the Room

Absolutely right! The resource room needs more than the "Resource Room Lady.” It needs a staff of people! The resource room lady may be sick or out of town or even move away. Who will take care of things then?

It is ideal for the resource room lady to be able to find one or two people who are "kindred spirits.” These ladies will be as passionate about teaching and visual aids as she is. They will be willing to give their time and energy to the work. They will be willing to learn the inventory of supplies, the location of every visual, the checkout system, and the best practices for creating visuals. They will be willing to be in charge of one area of work in the room if the resource room lady asks. And they will be willing to step in when the Resource Room Lady is unavailable.

One proven approach is to have these women and two or three others who will agree to learn the check-out system staff the room on a rotating schedule. Each woman would be assigned to work one week each month to check materials in and out and to put them away properly. That means that no one person has to be in the room more than once or twice each month. This allows all the members of the staff to be able to have greater fellowship with the congregation. It also provides a greater selection of women who can step in if a group activity takes several away at the same time. It allows for flexibility in scheduling around family needs. And maybe best of all, having a staff can help prevent resource lady burnout.

Having a good resource room lady is truly a blessing to a congregation. But having a staff of helpers is an even greater blessing! Why not volunteer today!