Tips for Teaching the Primary Class

This age is capable of learning more material than at any other age in life.

Lessons need to be in sequence and in greater detail than for younger ages.

They are still learning to read; they are not yet ready to read to learn.

They are still learning to write. Worksheets are not a good use of time; keep other writing to a minimum.

These students still desire to please teacher.

Teach the boys how to lead the prayers and/or songs. As the authority in the class, the teacher may do so. However, little girls should not lead in a mixed class so they have the pattern God established engrained in their understanding.

Books of the Bible should be practiced regularly.

Assign memory work weekly but take care not to overload younger ones. Assigning pieces of verses to younger ones while expecting whole passages from older ones is allowed!

Use visuals to help them learn the memory work in class. This helps students remember the memory work better during the week. It also helps them understand the meaning so they learn to quote Scripture properly.

Alter the routine to develop longer attention spans and prevent boredom.

This age loves to play Bible games for review. Encourage good sportsmanship.

Youngest are not ready to do outside assignments without parental involvement.

Expect them to bring a Bible of their own to every class session. If child is not given a Bible at home, give him one yourself or ask the congregation

Maps are necessary for this age. Use color maps with easy-to-read labeling.

This age thrives on recognition of achievement.

The widest variety of visuals may be used for this age so vary your materials often! Keep attendance and memory work charts. Require them to EARN rewards. Giving freebies is counterproductive and not in keeping with Matthew 7:21.

This age loves to share tales from their week. Enforce a "bell to bell is Bible class” policy. Be sure to listen outside of class so students know you care.

Teach from an open Bible. Continually remind students that the lesson is real and from God’s Word.